Thursday, May 06, 2010

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next


joehebden said...

There is no vote here today because a UKIP candidate died; but I have never voted, because the main parties always fail to tackle the deep inequalities in our society - there has been no narrowing of the gap between rich and poor in the last 40 years !

There are much more positive things people can do in the community than vote every few years.

Just the opinion of one person !

clare said...

Though I appreciate that might be true on one level (about the main parties failing to tackle deep inequalities), people not voting will mean that in 24 hours the Conservatives, a party who actively promote inequality and social injustice, will be running our country. Remember - they brought in Section 28, crushed the miners, caused the largest unemployment since the 1930s and introduced the Poll Tax... to name a few things. To me their policies were unforgivable and I dread to think how it will feel living under another Tory government for anyone who is poor or marginalised in any way.

joehebden said...

Unfortunately, I live in North Yorkshire where the Cons. always have a 20,000 majority ! The only worthwhile vote might be Lib Dem, but I would rather plant a tree, or work as a nurse (as I once did) than vote for any party who might support the Iraq and Afghan wars (for example).

I entirely respect your wish to vote, but for me not voting can be meaningful too.

Paul said...

James Dean Bradfield turned up in the men's toilets with me in the Carbon Casino's, two years ago. He was clearly a sincere and unpretentious man who calmly spoke to anyone who approached him. Indeed, he projected an unusual degree of modesty.

I hate the MSP's, but to have stood in front of him as he played his White Gibson and played along with Mick Jones and Tony James was a very good thing. He sang Sheila is a Punk Rocker, and another song. They noted on their blog later than he tuned up his own guitar, not requiring some roadie to work for him. Cool.

All the parties could not care less about the black hole that is mental health funding in each borough and will seek to avoid spending on families and individuals that need specialist support, such as one parent families such as single Mum's with berserk Autistic kids, and that's not an eccaggerated description.

I don't matter who I voted for, the more people cannot look after themselves the more they will get left behind. So that's why I am glad to work for the National Autistic society because politically I am in some way effecting some sort of direct action to change peoples lives for the better. I hope.

I was introduced to a young woman whose only role for the Nas is to do legal battle with Council's to get funding for needy people. Very very cool.