Thursday, February 19, 2009


I post this brilliant video in recollection of what was one of the only notable thing to ever happen at The Brit Awards (perhaps apart from the KLF machine-gunning the audience)... Thankyou Jarvis Cocker. Click the side bar, top video if this one doesn't work


berenice said...

oh clare this is great!!
gotta love Jarvis Cocker
your flawless musical taste
Pulp is one of my preferred bands
His N Hers, and This is Hardcore are grrrreat albums
amongst my favorite lyrics of them, well The Fear...

This is the sound of someone losing the plot -
making out that they're okay when they're not.
You're gonna like it,
but not a lot...

When you've got the fear.
And hen you're no longer searching
for beauty or love -
just some kind of life
with the edges taken off...

brilliant disappear, as we like it dear Clare

berenice said...

ah and yes!! f*ck mister Jackson, agreed ;)