Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why I Like CD Covers With Drawings Of Swans On

Oh no! I have just discovered Sufjan Stevens is really fit! I much preferred it when I thought he was some kaftan wearing, beard blowing, religious nut from Kansas.


Jasmin said...
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Jasmin said...

Just to reply to your comment (thanks by the way - I really want to see NY. Your trip sounded splendid), I found this link: Perhaps you could contact him directly? I haven't found any stuff of his here...

theseus said...

hey clare--

sorry I've been under the radar, things have been crazy here, i'm practically schizophrenetic.
I was invited to read at a big poetry reading next week (60-70+ ppl), holding auditions for the play soon, etc.

How are things?

In ref. Richard Siken...
I sent him an email the other day, jokingly suggesting that he call his next book "Tired." (So then the spine would read, well, you know.) And he emails me back and says "I was thinking about 'Hover.'"

He totally didn't get it. Anyway, it's late here, gotta work at the bkstore tomorrow.