Friday, April 14, 2006

Unknowns and Knowns

Well its nearly two a.m. and I'm almost done packing. In a few hours I will be winging my way to the airport, and some hours after that I will be landing in Newark airport. And then, I know I will be setting eyes on New York City for the first time ever, alone, quite alone. And I know the buildings will be tall, and I know it will be beautiful.
The music on my stereo sounds so plaintive, so cuttingly, achingly beautiful. Meetings and partings. I leave those here for an unknown, unseen future. And I can't deny the wrench, the tear on my heart. But then I will be meeting my own future, as it comes into the present, and I will be meeting a certain Chall Gray, in some back room, somewhere in the city. And from there, the story will unfold.


christmas_cats said...

ive been meaning to visit nyc for the past four years, ever since i moved to philadelphia. there is even a bus that can take me there and back for about $20. i hope your trip meets your expectations in all the important ways and exceeds them in all the ways that you couldnt have possibly predicted

clare said...

you should come say hello while we're here! you'll get your fill of walking and concrete..