Wednesday, November 16, 2005

just when you thought you got it broke

well hoo and howdya doo? gotta write to keep it tight and jailbirds are fleeing as my fingers press and my knees are kneeing. what to say today? well i am richoccheting off the sides of entrancement, i am a happy bloom in the night for once. and tears aren't staining my ragged pillow, and fireflies don't gather to see their loss. i'm alright jack and wonders never cease, not least when you live in battered england, home of the wretched and free. yeah, the cold was out, but i woke up to letters saying sorry and i love you, and i drink heavy and rum on an eve when all should go wrong but something like light flickers in the shadows and for a moment, a whisper, i am home. then another letter in the post, it weighs several tonnes, and each side laid out end to end crosses my living room five times or more. seven years seven years it says. and though i cry a child's tears, though i stamp at motown classics to let the cat out of the bag, resolution peeps, love it creeps somewhere to beside me, in my unlit room, save for the fairy lights and the shine of my eyes. i thought i'd be counting the pennies at my funeral, dragging the homeless from the streets to make up numbers. and now, life turns upside down and back again in the sore blinking of an eye. someone got it wrong. and something made it right. too many people in my life not in my life, if you get my meaning. but tonight i hold a wine bottle to my lips and i swig and all worlds are about me, all fire is in the step of my shoes (i never meant to hurt you, i only meant to make you you cry). i'm not looking for redemption this time, just not to have to cross the road, turn away my eyes, shut out the words and the news and what i'd heard them say or not say. and well, love may be a jumpy mule, but recovery feels fine, just fine. and i see here a sun about to shine, yep, there it go, its up and it just fine.

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